Fitness Addiction

Being in love with fitness and your diet is a hard thing to stay involved with because of all the constant temptations around you . Unconsciously knowing that they will effect you . My body has changed so much through losing 115 pounds and here I am now ten pounds away from my goal ….

Why Belittle Me?

As I have become a woman I know what it is I like and don’t like . I know for a fact that I don’t like anyone to question my womanhood. Woman hood is something you build upon and you begin to create as you grow within life experiences and wisdom of your own ….

Do You Want To Be A Mom?

The thought of being a mother makes my heart smile . I can’t wait to give my child /children all the things I could not have or have them experience the things I wanted to do ! I can say I am proud of myself to say I’m doing everything I ever wanted to and…


Living with someone tells you a lot about their life habits and other things such as how they spend money ,interact with others , living habits and sleeping patterns . As I first entered into living with someone other than myself it was difficult to give up my freedom of space . Example : like…