Late post but a needed cleanse ! Life is full of surprises that no one can prepare you for unless you experience them for yourself . Examples of what you can relate to maybe; late on rent can’t pay it , check is short what do you do?, can’t pay car note repo man comes…

Dear Employers

Finding a job is hard and even harder after college , I know for sure I have the education, background, and experience and still nothing is happening . I have been on countless promising interviews and nothing had happened further instead I get a email saying I will be a wonderful edition to someone else’s…

Fitness Addiction

Being in love with fitness and your diet is a hard thing to stay involved with because of all the constant temptations around you . Unconsciously knowing that they will effect you . My body has changed so much through losing 115 pounds and here I am now ten pounds away from my goal ….

Why Belittle Me?

As I have become a woman I know what it is I like and don’t like . I know for a fact that I don’t like anyone to question my womanhood. Woman hood is something you build upon and you begin to create as you grow within life experiences and wisdom of your own ….