Winter Wedding

On January 4, 2019 I married my best friend my soulmate and I can now call him my husband .We are young but we know exactly what we want it. Although we could not invite the whole world. Many people were upset, many people did not make the list, or many people just were not allowed or able to come. Nothing mattered on that day but the love we have for each other. When those doors opened and my dad escorted me down the aisle , All I could do is smile and cry as I walk towards him.


The day was simply magical it was filled with kisses, memories, laughter, and family but most of all the love we share with each other. All I could do is smile and cry as I walk towards him. All the hard work was done and all the planning stopped , all the phone calls , texts , choices and everything that I had a headache over simply seized . The day flew by and my heart would race as I checked the time it was getting closer and closer all I could do is think about him.


My wedding day was more than I could imagine from when I got dressed and I got to see my self. As I looked at myself in the mirror I thought wow I’m about to get married. It was the happiest day of my life and I couldn’t imagine it go on any other way. Despite all family drama, negative comments, negative energy we were both able to block out all the bad things when we saw each other.

We knew in that moment that together we were stronger than ever and as one we can defeat anything, so that day we didn’t allow anything to bother that emotion . Simply because hey there are no redos at the wedding you can’t just redo the day ! Your wedding day is just for you and your significant other and in the mist of everything going on you can lose sight of that. I married him everything that was tied to him was now ours . Word of advice if engaged to be married : stand your ground , believe in your own words and then marry your soulmate.


I have attached a couple of photos sorry about me blogging late enjoy !

Signing Of



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