Bridezilla to Bride

Wedding planning started off great untill everyone butted in . I feel like I no longer have a voice in my own wedding at all . I have heard brides say that families turn toxic but in my case my family has been so opinionated in every way you can imagine . To top it off no one has any money to give they just have their own opinions. People constantly give their opinions and then they criticize you on everything you decide to do.

People who I haven’t talked to in years feel like they are entitled to an wedding Invitation. What makes people wedding crazy I’m really having a hard Time imagining why people feel entitled! I tell you it’s a been a world wind of things that go on in my mind on a daily basis . Wedding planning wasn’t anything I could every imagine ! THE SHIT IS STRESSFUL! And I really can’t bear another second of it but I have to because we are nearly two weeks away from saying “ I Do “, and all I care about is getting there . This year alone being engaged I have lost friends and many numerous things I can count on more than two hands !

I wish I could cuss like LOUDLY but I can’t i have to keep my composure as a classy Bride ! I can tell you this wedding planning has changed me completely inside and out . It has forced me to really enjoy the quiet moments I have alone . I know that I am really glad it’s almost over because I don’t have anything more of myself to give !

I’m not sure what it is about weddings that makes families go crazy at all ! I feel as if weddings are for the families only because it isn’t at all about the bride or groom .

As the bride I have a had to worry about some of the following things ; makeup , nails , hair , flower arrangements , catering , family drama , wedding invitations , guest list , and that’s just to name a few. I have been racking my brain on how to please everyone else but no one wants to please me ! What about me ! a day that is suppose to celebrate the love we have togather ! It hasn’t been easy at all and I wish I had a real person who understands to talk to ! But I don’t know anyone who is my age who has been through an experience like this before ! My one and only hope is that after the wedding that things return back to normal I could use that ! I have been pressured into so many things regrading this wedding and to know it’s ending soon I feel a sense of peace coming !

Thank you for my bride rant !!!!

Signing off



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