My Mom’s Surgery

When I thought about changing my lifestyle i know I needed to make real changes . The changes that would cause me to lose weight in the best possible way for my health . My mom has two children and it seemed after my sister she struggled with her weight. After my parents divorced she gained quite a bit of weight it could of been a number of things especially eating habits. When you are a single mom you kind of buy and supply all food that is cheap , high in sodium and food that taste good we never received food stamps so my mother worked hard on getting us food we liked .

My mom always complains about her weight but she never put in any of the work to really lose the weight. I would give her tips on how to really shed the weight being as though I was so successful I challenged my whole family to get up and get active. My mother has joined gyms , tried diets you name it but it’s her eating habits and willingness to push through that she failed consistently. She was never ever successfully so she made excuses to why she could never lose the weight . I understand that not all people have the will power to succeed in the things they want . But people who are afraid of change will never be successful because in fact change holds you accountable for your own actions ! People can’t handle that at all !

My mom has chosen to get the gastric sleeve in hopes to lose the weight . What this does is they in fact cut the stomach into four sections and then they remove 50% of It so the person can only eat in small portions .This morning we arrived at the hospital to get her checked in and settled in and I could see how nervous he is . She was placed on a liquid diet for 8 days and I saw the defeat in her eyes when she learned she can’t eat solid food and then she heard that she won’t be eating it for awhile ! She instantly became into a panic , I told her that it would be hard but she had to follow through at this point !

My mom knows that I don’t support the surgery because she had the will power to in fact change the weight factor if she really wanted to but she chose not to . These surgeries that people have yes it’s a quick way to lose weight but guess what ? You can’t ever enjoy food anymore like the way you should naturally without overeating . There are so many restrictions with the rules of this type of procedure including : you can no longer drink out of a straw it will cause air pockets in the stomach , you can only eat 25% of food , you can not digest food properly , you have to ease yourself back to solid food ! Who wants to live like that ! Although I do not in anyway condone or support people who chose the easy way out of life such as this weight loss surgeries , I’m here to support my mother .

She has a big road ahead of her she has so much work to do including working out! You in fact have to workout to continue to lose weight not just what you eat ! Although the way the surgery is designed it’s meant for her not to ever over eat but after awhile people can over eat ! I only pray that my mom takes this serious ! I believe my mom is a size 26 currently and I only foresee her getting down to a size 18 . I would love to see her go much further but this is step one , with challenges and hurdles ahead of her i only hope she understands how serious this is !

My mother has to in fact want this , work hard and take no excuses ! With the surgery starting at 10am she is nervous , anxious, scared and worried ! This marks her long road ahead of her today!

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