Late post but a needed cleanse !

Life is full of surprises that no one can prepare you for unless you experience them for yourself . Examples of what you can relate to maybe; late on rent can’t pay it , check is short what do you do?, can’t pay car note repo man comes in the middle of the night , you have to renew your car registration every two years but can’t afford to do so ? All your bills are due at once yet you can’t afford gas in your in car ?

Truth is being an adult is so hard yet we all wanted it so very badly as a child . I don’t think I was truly prepared to be an adult yet I was forced to do it so fast I wasn’t able to enjoy the small things in life . Experiencing hardship with bills can be such a burden and to feel unprepared for life is a shitty feeling but we alll have been there .

I think the experience I have gone through with finding a new job has taught me the importance of saving money but when it is gone then it is gone . Poor parenting has resulted in me being unprepared as an adult but can I blame it all on my parents ? Yes I think they should take some of the blame !

I thought a credit card was so exciting untill I learned I had to pay it back . Also I thought that spending 20.00 and paying it back right away was cute but spending 1,000 resulted in debt that I couldn’t afford to pay but they don’t teach you that. I watched my dad use credit cards like candy ! I promise you every month he had a new one I wouldn’t know or understand the importance of a credit score untill I realized the credit you had affected the score that could potentially place you in a higher bracket then others. So credit went off on depending on how on time I paid my bills and then I can get a even better credit card with more money ! So then credit lenders give you more money to make even more impossible to pay back ! How convenient!!

Yes it sounds alluring until capital one sues you for credit card debt ! Wow now I’m in trouble right how do I get out Payment arrangement does that work for me because I have ignored all the emails and calls and now letters that were sent to my home . Back to square one reset no credit card I don’t need them anyway right ? But the fact is I do need to maintain my credit score how stupid !

The things we say to ourselves sound good they sound even better when we know that we shouldn’t do it . I wish that I could have a redo button on my choices to spend money on stupid things or not invest my money in saving for my future . Why should I my parents never thought saving was important why should I ? I have learned that it’s so important and it helps when you need money in the time of need because trust me you will need it ! I find it I am much more seasoned than others but I just got to a career where I can finally save money to be able to not touch it !

It’s hard to understand when you are young which I still am so I can make mistakes still and it’s great to have someone help me clean it up when I need it . What makes me angry is the world finds every opportunity to make me spend or sign up for things that put me in a danger zone for debt . I feel America is designed to place college students in debt for years without any warning just the feeling of it looking good on s resume ??

They encourage you to better yourself and your education so you can get a decent paying job after your done college . Go to college they told me to get a better education and then get a federal loan that’s impossible to pay off ! I will literally spend the REST of my life paying for a degree so I might as well stay in school . In fact the detail they leave out is that you will spend MONTHS looking for a job that you think your qualified for without the required experience you get overlooked. How will I get the experience without a chance to prove I’m capable ?! Again designed to fail in the hopes of becoming a better person . I wish that I could say being an adult is fun but it isn’t it’s a huge responsibility that I didn’t sign up for so I would like to return back to the sender . In fact the world doesn’t work that way you can’t start over because in life adult life everything and everyone only cares about themselves .

Signing off


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