Dear Employers

Finding a job is hard and even harder after college , I know for sure I have the education, background, and experience and still nothing is happening . I have been on countless promising interviews and nothing had happened further instead I get a email saying I will be a wonderful edition to someone else’s employment but not there . Or the infamous you don’t get a response back from the job or a regular donor response you don’t meet the qualifications . Is it really that I’m not a good fit or is it the fact that I’m a woman , biracial woman or black woman or the fact that my experience is to deep for you ? Or I know my age ? Because age definitely plays a factor when a employer is looking for someone .

People spend thousands even millions of dollars to have education and then can’t obtain a job in their career field why ? Is it scam YES HELL YES! On this journey of job searching I understand that I can’t say the wrong things or I have to fake to be a certain demeanor or appear a certain way to even get called back . This involves answering the phone a certain way so they even stay interested in who I am as a person . Are you really intrigued with who I am as a person or are you just looking to just fill the position .

Who you know and how you know then plays a role in job searching to . For example if the current employer is interviewing a relative vs a person who applied of a job they already knew who they would hire they just placed the job ad for ratings to appear fair . But truth is it was never fair from the begin with because the job was posted you knew who you would hire ! So then that person got dressed , missed time off work , wasted energy and then missed out on a once promising opportunity!

True story Last Friday I interviewed for a job position. The job position was everything I wanted anymore with room for growth . The interview lasted three hours and they told me I made it to the top 5 and the last person they were interviewing was on Tuesday and I would hear something for sure then . The next day I gave my references(6) to be exact they called an verified my character using all 6 references : I knew for sure I had this in the bag now! Untill Tuesday arrived I received an email asking for my salary requirements. So I sent them over a very nicely written letter addressed to the person I didn’t hear anything back until Friday and that’s when I initiated a conversation again. It wasn’t till Friday I found out I didn’t get the job. The email said that I would be a complete pass it to someone else and it was such a hard decision for them to give me out but they offered it to someone else. Translation in my mind “ you were not good enough, you wasting time, they promised you, they used you and then someone else came along and snatched it away from you !

I have been on over twenty interviews in the last two months and nothing yet , it’s the problem isn’t that I’m not interviewing it’s that’s I’m not getting hired . I’m beat up , wore out , fed up and overall tired and I feel so mislead and confused , I’m tired of apartment shopping I want a home ! I have three more upcoming interviews over the next week and I’m praying that I see some clarity . I asked god to send me clarity and some type of peace of mind in a way I can see what I am indeed looking for .

Signing off


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