Fitness Addiction

Being in love with fitness and your diet is a hard thing to stay involved with because of all the constant temptations around you . Unconsciously knowing that they will effect you . My body has changed so much through losing 115 pounds and here I am now ten pounds away from my goal .

My start weight :285

My current weight :178.6

Eating has to stay on point for if you slip up it can really cost you , the more you eat a certain way the more you don’t crave unhealthy things . It’s a process and I have learned that it’s decision to keep that choice going in the back of my mind . So when I’m out and I see people with ice cream yes I would love some but somehow I’m that person counting or looking at the calorie intake before I actually eat it . I think that I can enjoy the things that are treats when I have earned them . I don’t always feel like I earn sweets or things I treat myself to I have to be cautious of the things that I put into my body . That goes for my earning carbs !

Since losing weight my skin has lightened so much I’m almost three shades lighter than I was before not realizing that water helps with that . I drink a lot of water daily but also eating fresh fruit and veggies , never frozen also helps with my skin .

Often people show all the good about losing weight or your use to seeing someone who is super skinny on a magazine posing after losing 20 pounds . I often see magazines with the article saying “ lose 25 pounds in a month “ I think how is that natural or safe . On average I lose 10 pounds a month by losing 2 pounds weekly . The thing is no one sees what you see and others see a different Verizon of yourself than you do . Truth is it’s hard to take a compliment from someone . I don’t believe I look that good . It’s a struggle to continue but I keep pushing on every single week for my health ! Since losing all the weight my extra skin has tightened!

My health matters so much to me that’s why I put so much effort into the things I do . I look at high calorie meals online and I tweak it to make lower calorie choices or cut the calories and fat in half . My rules for eating are I have set times to eat my breakfast , lunch and dinner and then I eat nothing after 6pm every day . My daily routine :

Meal 1:8:30am

Meal 3:4:30pm

Meal 2: 12:30pm

Snack :10am

has allowed me to be successful and remain successful with maintaining the weight I have already lost . The key to staying on track is seeing how consistent you become overtime . Your choices change for example instead of a McDonald’s salad you make one at home with fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients always win because they have better nutrients and if you cook them lightly the nutrients remain in the foods you eat .

My decision to go vegan had to do with me trying new things and becoming more open minded . I went from vegetarian, pescatarian then vegan . I was a vegan for a entire two years and now I am back to being a pescatarian which I feel suits me and allows me to eat fish and eggs for protein. Being vegan allowed me to brighten my horizons on the many foods I ate and open my mind to the veggies I didn’t like such as : asparagus, carrots , mushrooms, squash, dates , lentils, Brussels sprouts, snap peas , orca and kale . The more I ate those foods I began to love them with cooking them in food differently . So be bold and try new foods or add something in your food you never have tried before you may surprise yourself .

Signing Off


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