Living with someone tells you a lot about their life habits and other things such as how they spend money ,interact with others , living habits and sleeping patterns . As I first entered into living with someone other than myself it was difficult to give up my freedom of space . Example : like waking up naked in the bed rolling over , resting quietly with the light on , sleeping with the tv off and other things . I have created a list of petty/annoying thing significant others do while living with them .

1. Leaving the corner of food left in the bowl after leftovers .

2. Leaving dirty clothes behind the bathroom door .

3. Leaving the last corner of the juice in the pitcher.

4. Rock Paper Scissors to figure out who will wash dishes .

5. Leaving shoes around the house .

6. Not having enough space in bed .

7. Sharing covers at night in the bed .

8. Different sleeping patterns .

9. Filling the trash can up to it’s full without wanting to take it out .

10. Sharing the tv while one is missing another show .

Living with someone is a beautiful thing . All these things someone can relate to and they are so easy to go on and on about . I think that it’s easier said than done then to point fingers at others . I truly believe you should live with someone before marriage or honestly before continuing on the relationship to really consider it serious . Living with someone shows and teaches you how that person is and a big part of living with them is watching how they spend there money and how they build or run through their finances . Finances can be a deal breaker in most relationships and honestly why most marriages fail . These are just some of my opinions and aren’t meant to be taken to heart . But I do recommend and truly see fit for living with someone you plan on spending the rest of your life with .

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