College Graduate

Before I thought about going to college I wanted to be a nurse but I knew I wasn’t good in math so I never would make it ! Then for the longest time I wanted to open my own preschool which is still a dream but it’s so far fetched ! College was something I always wanted to achieve when i realized how much it would cost I got scared , and wanted to back out . Until I went to a college fair at my high school my parents were not supportive of the decision simply because neither one of them has ever completed college . But I wanted a college education for myself to prove that I am worth something I knew I was smart but I was afraid of taking tests . I had huge testing anxiety and I didn’t want to take the SAT because I knew I never score high enough to get into a university !

So I applied to my local community college because it was then I learned I didn’t have to earn my acceptance by taking a test to show i was worthy of continuing my education , rather I can fill out an application and wait to be accepted . A month later I got accepted into college and I started going to school full time taking five classes at a time while working a full time job , and two part time jobs . It was killing me but I knew it had to be worth it at some point right I was thinking to myself does it end ?

I graduated from community college in 2016 with an associates degree in early childhood education . Soon after I looked into universities and applied to Southern New Hampshire University entering a dual degree program . So on May 12th I will graduate with my bachelors degree then December 8th with my masters degree . The feeling of success I owe it to my patience , perseverance, dedication and my love of learning to learn to never give up ! The many times I spent questioning myself without the doubt I could make it never took over my mind I knew I had it in me ! I was doubted , asked why and what was taking so long . And this is what I have been anticipating it to be my time to shine through walking across the stage to claim what is mine . There hasn’t been one time I wanted to quit school it kept me grounded and it allowed me to feel accomplished while attending. “ if you don’t know the fundamentals such as math which you aren’t good at it you will never succeed “. I used that negative comment all the time in my head to play on repeat while I am the third to ever graduate in my family for motivation. I turned negative comments and questions into the look on your face as in what ! I’m happy to say I’m graduating with a 3.7 gpa and as a member of the national honors society at my university.

I worked hard , I became very ill while full time in school and never once took a break or came up with an excuse to why I couldn’t finish . I just had my professors send me my assignments online so I can have access to them ! You can be who you want to be and what every you want to achieve you can do it . Stop allowing others to tell you can’t because you can ! Do what’s best for you ! I’m celebrating all weekend spending the weekend in New Hampshire for the first time !

Signing off


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