Men Do you Think ?

Do men think with their good brain ? Being single is hard I know I was single a long time before meeting my fiancé , but while single I learned things about me ! I learned things that I couldn’t take back like I learned that I was impatient , but eager to learn , friendly but very shy , self less not selfish , I also learned that I allowed men to belittle me and I didn’t like that ! I like someone who can take control but don’t control me . I love attention when in the comfort of private time but I’m not a show off and if I receive to much public attention I become very shy.

What type of man are you ? Are the man that brings flowers to your woman’s job ? The man who depends on his woman ? The man who who misused your woman and then faces infidelity? Or the man who stays home unemployed and lives off your woman?Are you the man who grabs a card to take home just because or the man who would give up his seat so a woman can sit down . It gets me wondering on how we’re you raised and no disrespect to anyone and there family I just want to know .

I think some men take women for granted because they believe they can and they haven’t been shut down to believe otherwise . It’s that man who goes to a interview and grabs that job before the woman does . And it’s the man who is raised to say don’t hit girls or you are your bread winner at home . So what happens when your ego is crushed and you can’t provide for your family ? What happens when your wife is the bread winner or you become unemployed? How do you handle it , it’s a question that i honestly would love to know . I mean i have dated men who lived home with their mothers , and men who didn’t go to college . But what type of man hits a woman ? Who hurt you or let you down better yet who showed you that behavior of it being ok ? And how does it become acceptable even after you have done it once or twice now .

Men have a hard time showing or expressing emotions so does it ever make it harder for them to come forward to how they really feel . I’m sure it does but it doesn’t mean they can’t work on communication. What happens when you can understand a man or your man ? His patterns change ? He is acting weird those are Indicators that something is up you know him right ? How about his diet has he been sleeping ? Patterns come and go but behavior stays because once learned behavior it’s hard to change right away . Behavior is the root of the way a person acts .

I love to study behavior because the longer you study someone they will reveal everything you need to know without verbally saying it . Peoples actions will often lead to past or prior events they have been through, as a result their actions became normal behavior . People have to remember when finding a partner to not compare to your last because each person is different . If you keep comparing then you really won’t ever give that person the benefit of the doubt ! Keep in mind that no two people are the same , find someone who shares the same energy as you or someone who balances you out equally . Often mistakes are made when dating someone and you don’t take time to truly get to know each other it makes it harder on the relationship , also when you chose to have sex with . When you bring sex into the relationship it complicates it , it makes it harder to really connect because sex is always a focus and you don’t want it to be the main focal point of your relationship . Have faith in learning about the person before sharing sex with them , sex is a privilege and shouldn’t be shared with everyone!

Signing off


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