Women Imperfections

Is makeup such a sin to wear ? We see all these beauty products on how to appear to look lighter , darker , highlighted , small , to contour and to appear a shader lighter than usual with concealer .

Truth is it’s hard being a woman we have to keep our looks up and if we don’t we are judged for having a off day or a day wear we don’t want to look 100%. And that’s ok if we don’t but why do we get bashed for it . I love makeup I love how it makes me feel but I also love not wearing makeup because I feel free . When I was younger maybe about fifteen I discovered a dark mark around my mouth and it got darker over time and it never really went away . Of course I have tried everything you name it skin lightening , fade cream , and bleach Serums . But nothing ever worked to get it to go away and I do exfoliate my skin enough so you would think it would fade and it did just a tad but it’s still there and I’m very self conscious about it . We all have flaws and we wear them on our sleeve because what I call my imperfection or my flaw you may think it’s not that bad or it’s beautiful the way it is .

Society isn’t built that way as women we are taught to look pretty . To wear our hair this way and to try this new product as if it isn’t as good as the next . As women we are taught to be quiet not to be loud , to sit with our legs crossed , to smile and never frown . We are always down to try the best beauty secrets or a new trick to looking younger or feeling younger . But is wearing makeup so bad ? No it’s not makeup enhances the beauty you already have unless your contouring them out so you can’t see them ! I love my cheekbones they sit extremely high and I have that oh yea glow when I strike that highlighter against my cheek . It makes me stand out from the rest but the comment why do you wear makeup everyday bothers me ? It’s the same as if I asked you why do you brush your teeth everyday ? Or maybe you don’t you should ! But it’s a habit it’s my habit it can boost my self confidence levels when I see my perfect eyebrow filled in just right !

Makeup isn’t a bad thing at all I love it ! I taught myself how to tweak my makeup that I apply to give me a natural look and not a doll baby look . I love my makeup to be natural but enhanced where i am not invisible if that makes sense. Being a women is hard and we have all of these expectations to live up to but sometimes I just don’t want to . Let me be great without the stereotypes , let me stand out without pointing out the fact that I am a woman . Can I live ? The celebrities , models , actresses make it look so easy on a cover of a magazine that is air brushed so you can’t see their flaws but in reality we all know your face isn’t that small . I also know that waist trainer is killing you underneath that dress , that cellulite is all over those thighs and those heels you probably can’t even walk in them but it looks nice on a photo . We are women and we know and we can see you actually right through you because chances are you are thinking the same damn thing I am but we won’t say anything !

Signing off


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  1. This is the most honest post I’ve read in a while!!🙌🏼 People should just be able to do what makes them happy without others making comments! If you want to wear a face full of makeup everyday or if you don’t want to wear a scratch ITS YOUR DECISION and no one else’s opinion should matter.
    Great post, thanks for sharing💖
    I am also a new blogger and hoping to reach 100 followers by the end of the month (close I know🤞🏼🙈) check me out and if you like my content please hit follow!😘www.jaydecharlottereader.com

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    1. Aww I’m so glad you loved what I wrote ! And it’s all about standing out from the rest and that’s what it’s about it period people need to stop judging ! I’m glad you decided to read and it caught your attention thank you for stopping by I will check out your page !

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