No Return

Work is beyond stressful right now and it’s to the point before I go into work my chests hurts . No job should have you in a stress frenzy the way i am right now and it hurts . The job I use to love turned into every piece in my body finding a reason to even go into work the children i teach are the reason. Why ?! I ask myself how is it that I continue to get used and abused the way I do but I have to believe that god has greatness in store for me I have a job interview on Friday !

The unexpected call from from a job as a program coordinator transitioning into director of the school happened last week , we spoke for a hour on the phone and it wasn’t even a pre screening . I have to remain patient and remember what is for me is for me and that it takes time for greatness to happen . In order for things to fall in order the steps of growth must happen ! The steps of growth are brutal because you have to mentally prepare yourself for the change you will endure and change happens constantly and sometimes it’s very hard to trust the process .

For the process of growth is beyond unbearable when you are absolutely sick to your stomach of having to adapt by no default or choice at work . The things that challenge you will sustain you for you to be placed in your next season in life . Just as friends change your seasons change with you and it will happen when you least expect it but it is necessary to happen . I love me and I love my health as I stated it comes first and no job can snatch that from me . But right now my happiness at work comes with a price ? I’m in a huge bind contemplating staying here and jeopardizing my health over a job that isn’t promising me growth or staying a leap and leaving my job . I can’t leave untill I have a stable job lined up but being patient is the hardest thing to endure in a situation you feel helpless in.

Signing off


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