Wedding Planning

What girl doesn’t dream of their wedding ?As a little girl I have dreamed of planning my wedding and now I’m in the early stages of what I would like and it’s turning into everything i don’t like it want . “It’s your day “ I have been told that statement thousands of times by thousands of family members and by standers input on what we should do and how we should do it . But no one has offered to give any money to any cause of the wedding it is easier to say or have a say in the wedding you aren’t contributing to . It makes it harder to plan when negative thoughts and people surround and cloud your happiness .

I didn’t realize I was going to get so many comments as negative as I have . “ first waiting a year , six months , three months or rather ninety days is to soon . This day is for us to share our love and commit ourselves to always and forever sharing a lifetime of happiness by centering god in our marriage and the love we share . I have been bullied to changing my thoughts , plans and even some of my emotions on what I would like , so we are getting in married in a church . We chose that because of our religious upbringing and also to cut down on cost being as though we are paying for the wedding.

We plan to have reception following the ceremony so our guests that we selected to come can come and party with the sharing of us becoming one . Weddings are a happy time and yet I’m threatened to feel that what I want doesn’t matter and I’m not bending to please anyone . My mother rather get involved with playing a new game rather than sitting down and hearing my ideas on how I would like my wedding to be . It hurts me to try to include my mom and she doesn’t seem to have any interest .As for my father he could give a shit about me marrying my fiancé claiming it is to soon !

Again my wedding date is set for next year and as we finalize everything I will share our date ! But here are questions for anyone who has ever done or dealt with this what did you differently? How did you handle the stress? How did you cut costs? And how did you handle the lack of support ? Some of my family seem to be very negative about my upcoming nuptials but the bad can outweigh the bad because at the end of the day we could of chose to elope discretely .

If I was fortunate enough for my parents to really give me away or help plan and spend money towards my wedding . In a world of wishful thinking none of that is happening so I will deal with the cards dealt and budget with what we have . Surprisingly my in laws to be have been super supportive which I thought would be the opposite of people i would turn to , but they have became the most positive about the wedding . I’m hoping my family comes around and sees how happy we are , and remember it isn’t about them it’s about us!I can’t force people to see my fiancé and I love but guess what it is pure and never ending and I wish everyone will some day find their soulmate as i have. So this post goes out to all our newly engaged couples “ plan your wedding and then tell everyone later after decisions are made “ it makes it easier on you to . I can’t anyone ruin my happiness right now .

Signing off as a “confused bride to be ”


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  1. Ro says:

    You don’t worry about what they say… IT IS YOUR DAY! Do what makes YOU happy 💖

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  2. Tikeetha T says:

    But here are questions for anyone who has ever done or dealt with this what did you differently? I didn’t care what others thought. My fiancee at the time had one rule “He/she that pays for the weddings can have an opinion. If you aren’t paying then your opinion should be kept to yourself.” People shut the hell up.

    How did you handle the stress? I did everything myself, had a notebook and chart and tracked it all. I did a lot of research. We committed to date night weekly with no talks of the wedding because the planning can really destroy a relationship if that is all you talk about.

    How did you cut costs? Limit the number of guests. The best wedding I ever attended had 60 people. It was a morning wedding with a luncheon right afterwards. No DJ and no cake. She found the photographer on Craig’s List.

    And how did you handle the lack of support ? Leaned on my future husband. People don’t have to be happy with my choices. When Jesus died on the cross he gave us all free will. I remind folks of that.

    Best of luck sis!

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    1. I loved your words so encouraging to hear I’m not the only one !!!

      I’m glad that someone else went through it just like me. Our wedding is going just fine we have a date and everything we need. We are lacking in our final touches and we are set. I believe that the stress can be handled by doing just what you said and I believe not talking that wedding will help and that stress. Thank you

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