Fairytale Love Story

2.15.18 ” The day my heart became super full with your love ”

The day before I met you I didn’t like you very much but as we began to have conversations I begin to smile . In my mind you were attractive but I thought you were to short trying to come to reasons why I couldn’t date you . For all the reasons not to I did and we became friends with just conversations every day about small things and I would pick your brain on things that wouldn’t matter to you . But those small things that didn’t matter to you still managed to talk to me endlessly .

During the time you were just my friend you respected my decision not to be your girlfriend but most importantly you respected me and I had never had that with any man . Usually men would yell , try to sleep with me or all around demean me to talk to me because I appeared to be a pretty face . The day you asked me to be your girlfriend I turned you down but you had faith the next time I wouldn’t . In my mind I had so many hesitations about what people would think your not really my type or you can’t be the one I’m dating rather they say I’m wasting my time with you .So three months later you asked me again and I said yes at that time I really liked you more than a friend and I felt it was ok to at least try if it didn’t work we can say we tried . May 26, 2011 we became a thing like a real thing and I was coming to like dating you but wasn’t so happy about what my friends would say . I had to realize that it wasn’t about them it was about me and what I liked. And I knew one thing for sure I liked you.

The first anniversary was special with you I had never been with anyone longer than six months i mean listen I was only nineteen years old . “ we were called puppy love” by our parents . But as the third year came our parents began to think we were inseparable which we were . I started spending the night at your house and I couldn’t believe your mother allowed it . She allowed it because she said to me “ you have done nothing but respect yourself , my home and my son so you can stay anytime “. After she said those words I stayed over every single weekend for two years , and I loved it because we grew closer . My dad would be thinking I was staying at my grandmothers house but the truth is I was lying I wasn’t and I didn’t want my daddy to think I was shacking up with some man. But honestly that’s what it was a man I couldn’t stay away from .

We grew serious and we started talking about our future , things we wanted to do , marriage , moving out and having children . It became clear you had some growing up to do and I was sure you wouldn’t be able to do it in the time we had been togather because they told us we had to break up . People, family and friends told us we should break up we had never dated seriously before other than each other how would we know what we really want . I said I would leave you so you could figure out some things and including to grow up right and deep down I didn’t want to leave you , I just fed into what my parents and others said and ehh maybe it wouldn’t workout .

It’s true we had never dated anyone but each other for the time we were togather 5 years , so it could be we were star struck or they would say he was “ pussy whipped “. So we broke up and it was one of the hardest times in my life . You made me happy , you made me smile , you made me feel loved , you made me whole and you were my best friend the first person I call everyday and in the middle of the day just to talk .

We broke up for six months without any communication and it was nothing but pain . You would send flowers here and there to let me know you were still thinking of me and you still would text me to say hi but I wouldn’t respond because I felt we needed to see what life was without each other . Until you showed up at my house and asked to speak to me I knew then exactly what you were going to say the same things i had been feeling. We both knew we couldn’t imagine life without each other so we couldn’t bare another minute away .

We had decided to get back togather and it felt like I was putting on my glass slipper again it was safe ! Five months after we got back together Something terrible happened I got sick extremely sick. I was so sick that I was hospitalized for two weeks with immediate serious surgery that would leaving me needing rehabilitation to recover . When I called you to tell you to come to the hospital you came, worried and stressed but you stayed. When you kissed me goodbye for me to have surgery you told me that this was the worst day of your life. When I came out of surgery and I saw your face it was like seeing angels you had never left my side. I think that everybody has an aha moment when they’re in a relationship with someone they truly love and for me it was then .

I watched you bathe me, help me walk again , use the bathroom , clean me up , take me to doctors appointments , handle my job , help me eat , restore my peace, schedule my doctors appointments and I watched you cry as the thought of losing me would break you and it was then looking straight in your eyes you were the person I was going to marry and have children with . So on 2.15.2018 you got down on one knee to ask me to be your wife I didn’t hesitate to say yes because you have proven to me time and time over again how much we mean to each other and I have watched you grow over the eight years of knowing you . May 26,2018 it will be seven years we have been togather and it has been a journey of pushing each other , encouraging each other , fighting for each other , lifting one another up and we have been through so many life events at our age and have overcame them . I know that having you as my husband will be the one thing I will never regret the love story we have is one for a fairytale in my mind and I’m elated that I get to share these moments with you for all the firsts we have ever had this one over tops it I love you so much you have made me the HAPPIEST woman ever . If I could give you one gift it would be to show you all the things I have watched you go through and learn and how I see a super man every time I look at you ! I love you more than you could ever imagine .

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  1. Ro says:

    Beautiful Brit 💖


  2. Tikeetha T says:

    So beautiful. Congratulations!

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