Being a Woman

Ok I love my male blogger followers but this post is for women only . No gender roles here but I’m going to talk about some woman related things but please feel free to read and listen to my thoughts . Please don’t feel you should go I just always want you to be able to relate !

I never really got the point of getting a period in better terms called a menstrual cycle . Well I do understand that your eggs need to shed every month but I ended up getting my period late I was a late bloomer . I was about seventeen when I got my first period but it never came again in fact my mother put me on birth control and it stopped me from ever getting a period again. Like literally never got a period again alarming YES! Being on birth control allowed me to gain weight as in one of side effects and others which I never knew would allow me to have those health issues and I will share that story but not yet ! I stopped taking birth control over three years ago and due to causes I can never take it again . It also was a way my mother tried to control me without saying don’t have sex but truth is I never had sex in high school . She was paranoid that i would and I wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt she made the choice to put me on birth control without giving me a voice . If I had a voice I would not of asked to be on birth control ! My mother needed to control something and it was me she needed to always control or micro manage every decision in my childhood , I don’t like her for that . But I live with her choices it allowed me to understand what type of parent i want to be .

After losing weight I noticed my hormones changing intensity internally and it’s hard to explain but i could feel them raging. But I could feel myself ovulating and now I can feel when my breast get tender but I think it’s fake because my period would never come. I’m literally 4 pounds away from being 100 pounds down and I have been having a consistent period every month for about a year ! I finally feel like a normal woman and i can track my period again finally and it feels good I never been so happy to receive a cycle in my life untill now . I think that losing weight tripled my chances of being able to conceive a baby and now I’m hopeful when we start trying I will be able to conceive. I have done things for my body to help it be hormonally balanced and the up keep is necessary. I use to believe I suffered from PCOS but when tested I tested negative for having what I thought was my reason of not having a period .

It makes sense why Mother Nature makes us bleed for 3,5 or 7 days and it’s the time that you need to become new again in a way . When i think about having children I believe that I will carry well and healthy and that’s all i want is a healthy pregnancy. I drink 120 ounces or more of water a day and it’s not for no reason it’s for the safety of my body. I had to come to terms with realizing that my body was my friend and not my enemy you have to fall in love with it and treat it as if it is really yours. It’s often hard to do that when there so many things you can use as a necessity to not do the right thing. The one thing I feel my body should be able to do naturally to conceive. The one thing that made me feel less of a woman was not having a menstrual cycle and now that I am having one consistently I feel spectacular.

There are things as women are body was meant to do for example , shed eggs, endure child birth , create life , hormone change and the fact of being hormonal. There are days where I don’t even want to be touched by my significant other, there are days where I want to be touched, and there are days where I only want to touch you. As a woman we go through so many mood changes and it is so necessary for each mood we endure for our body is forever changing .

I’m not moody but I am emotional and lately I have been overly sensitive and overly emotionally and I believe it has a lot to do with the change I am trying to endure in my life . Being a woman means I need to shave my legs, shave below and shave my arms . It means I need to pluck my eyebrows , pluck unwanted hairs under the chin and above the lip and it means consistently being aware of how I look. It also means enduring the uncomfortable stares to my breast by unwanted eyes. Being a woman is being constantly being asked out after your clearly off the market . I take care of myself I wear make up I don’t wear it to cover up my beauty i do it to enhance. I get my hair done every two weeks and I keep it done. I wear nice clothes and I am currently trying to form a figure of this new body of mine . I feel like as a woman you are always on the spotlight it is always shining on you. Is there a time you ever felt as if the light is so bright you don’t want to look into it? Well he’ll welcome you know how it feels to be a woman !

Signing off


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  1. Lost soul says:

    Wow. This is inspiring. I suffer from PCOS. I am trying to loose weight and it’s showing results. I am on my regular cycle from last 5 months. It feels great.
    This is such a great read. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Hey ! I tested negative for it but I will tell you one thing being off birth control and losing weight naturally , and it helped .

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lost soul says:

        I am trying. It’s working😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ok I hear you shoutout to you!!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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