Life lessons

All the lessons I have learned I have basically taught myself . In my imagination I believe high school should of taught me how to prepare my taxes or explain to me half of my check goes to the government. It seems harsh to learn that as a eighteen year old little girl who wants to be a woman . Being a women meant I had to take care of my business and everything belonging and regarding Brittany ! My sister is four years younger than I am and she has always followed behind me and it was important I show her life lessons .

Life lessons such as filing taxes , filling out job applications , mending relationships with men and women , dealing with life and how to push forward. I wanted to be a role model for her and I wanted to show her I was strong . I didn’t have much guidance and I didn’t know how to go about doing it . But what I did know is that she was watching . Seeing her grow up is like watching me . I see myself in her and I see that she trying so hard to replicate the things I have done . I bought my first car alone , rented my first apartment, got my first loan , credit cards you name it I have done it . The point is they don’t teach what you really should know when your in school . I do believe life lessons should be apart of school it’s crucial for a child to know .

How can we expect so much from our children or from a person if they aren’t given the tools to succeed . In reality life is 99% shitty and 1% how you make it and things don’t always go as planned and life is how you make it . I always wanted my sister to see me at my worst and then see me at my best and I worked and still continue to work my ASS to make a life and make something out of myself . For my future children and for myself I do what I need to survive and I love and live life ! For all the things they have to offer good and bad and I had a terrible time last year but this year I’m coming for everything ! Being a teacher I see things and hear things I should not and i have noticed that being a parent is hard . It’s not only hard because your responsible for a life but you have to be able to teach your children life lessons so when they are not with you they can appreciate the things you have told them. Everyday I am judged and I don’t like it but everyday I make a difference and I’m ok with that ! Sometimes i have random rants and today was one !

Signing off


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  1. Deb Whittam says:

    Your sister is very lucky to have you


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