Is it a Burden , depressed or are you judging me?

Which one are you doing right now ? Puzzled you should be ! Judging me or someone else shame on you . I got news today that broke my heart a woman I use to know died today . She trained me at my old job and there was a never day that went by I didn’t see her smile . Although I don’t know the circumstances of her death . It got me to thinking of how much we take for granted . Life is short and you never know when it’s your time to go .

Stop holding grudges , creating conflict and lies and living unhappy . It’s the time you cry , find yourself , death happens or all around the secret of not knowing. The secret of keeping someone”s secret of self harm or danger or alarming depression thoughts .Some suffer in silence and alone and die with thoughts of the very people they love being disappointed in how they are . Is it ok to suffer alone . You never know what a person is going through . But are the signs really there ? Yes they are and everything and everyone knows it and they are instant bystanders and don’t do anything to help you or the situation. How can you stand by and do nothing !? Because you don’t know or understand how to help ? Get help ! Find the help! Make the time to make it to help them because they confided in you !

It’s the not knowing how to help to make others feel guilty for the things they wish they would of done. Guilt with kill you so will stress but will you be and feel guilty for the passing of one you know because you did nothing . So this is for everyone who has gone through something , lost someone or something , thought you were alone , suffered and cried or maybe self harmed yourself or others in the time they needed someone the most and didn’t know how to ask . It’s ok to cry , vent and it’s ok to ask and receive help . I care and it hurts me to see these types of situations go unnoticed and down played .

Hug someone , touch someone help someone randomly and guess what your not alone ! I love you , I’m rooting for you to pull out of this and guess what we can help you ! Feeling alone will kill you but being responsible for being a bystander to someone’s pain , hurt , misconceptions of how it affects them emotionally , physically or mentally because they appear ok . It isn’t ok do your part ! Your hurt isn’t there hurt and their pain is their pain ! Don’t underestimate what someone is going through you never know ! Don’t assume !

Share this do your part !

National Suicide prevention hotline


Signing off


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