New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve

Happy New Year 2018

Well ending 2017 with the memories I will not forget and the lessons that gave me hell through the learning process. 2017 was the second worst years I have had in mu life thus far and im really trying to be positive about the upcoming New Year. I’m going to list some things I would love to do and then I will share the goals I did accomplish. One thing I am extremely excited about is I am graduating college in May and I couldn’t be more elated about this journey for it is not the end.

Things I wanted to accomplish in 2017
• I wanted to lose 35 pounds (but instead I lost 31.3!)
• I wanted to save more money. ( I did then had a unexpected cost)!
• Fix my resume for I am putting it out their again to gain employment.
• Gain more self confidence. ( check I did )
• I wanted to try new things.( joined a new club)
• Commit to being a vegan for a year. ( I did for a whole year wow proud)
• I wanted to get a new puppy! (Harlee is amazing and she is almost 10 months old.)
• Start a blog ( I did and I love it thank you all for being kind)

Things I aspire to do in 2018
• Get engaged then, Get married in the fall 2018.
• Lose my last 29 pounds and maintain the weight! GOAL (160)
• Obtain a new job in career field
• Move into a bigger apartment
• Travel to three new places.
• Save money.
• Explore new places to meet new people.
• Graduate college

I really want to gain new found relationships with people who care about me and who I am. Although I’m saying goodbye to many friendships that should have been ended years ago and finally I’m ok with that chapter and I’m ready to close it. This year was very rough and I hit one of my lowest financial points but my family helped me through it and I survived. So cheers to the New Year and let us be nothing but great I the year!

Signing off

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  1. Ro says:

    Amen! Love you Brit 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Deb Whittam says:

    I have nominated your blog for Liebster Award, please acknowledge and accept the award.


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