Spending to much ?

What makes people crazy about Christmas shopping . It seems to be the hottest question of the season !?

I was raised on the thought of Christmas being a time where you share your past experiences of the year with your family and closest friends. Yet you see the biggest and hottest deals around in the stores to compete on who has the new gifts. And it starts about the time of Black Friday time . My father made sure my sister and I had the HUGE Christmas “s even after my parents divorced he wanted to see us happy . But did that make me happy ? Sure but the time with family is what I wanted most !

I love receiving gifts that are about me and who I am. I love to read, write, workout-alochic , adventure , did I mention read lol , and I love trying new things . So why put so much stress on yourself to go broke and buy gifts you can’t afford ? To see that happy smile on someone’s face ? To hear them cry ? Or to brag about being broke after you spent the money on them ? These questions reside in my brain when I hear people complain about money because when you complain then it wasn’t the sincere intentions on buying the gift it was to buy something you knew you couldn’t afford ? If you couldn’t afford it why break the bank anyway ?

I like to create gifts for people things that make them unique about themselves. Why do we spend so much money around the holidays? Is it to impress others? Is it to impress family members? Or is it to make others jealous of you for the things you bought for other people? I don’t want to be spiteful or envious towards anyone I want to be happy and jolly and enjoy the time that we have together. For each day you spend on earth is never promised to the next.

I love Christmas it was one of my favorite holidays I love snow and trees in the winter scenery. I love laughing and smiling with my family sharing memories of family things to make us. I love spending time with both of my families my boyfriend’s family and my family. I look forward to Christmas not because of the presents but because of the time and what it provides for me as a person .

We all value different holidays we all have different views. We may all celebrate different holidays such as some people celebrate the solstice of winter then Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas is what you would like it to be not what others see. As you prepare for the holiday be grateful for what we have and not for what you see others have. Be grateful for what you have endured in this time for it special and what makes you YOU ! Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!!

Signing off

Xoxo xoxo

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