2017 Struggle

I thought I do a post based on the things I love while describing the year I have had. My love for all things revolves around all things that relate to me and what I am most proud of always putting my best face forward. Christmas is coming and I’m very festive when it comes to Christmas growing up I was always raised to believe that it is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. I have decorated my home into a wonderful site to see with fake snow, beautiful flower arrangements and my love and I have taken the most drop dead beautiful holiday photos. The holidays are for family time, sharing memories of the year, enjoying the company of the beloved people you care and love. This year has been one of the toughest years I have had from losing my car, stuck in a dead in job, losing my money and I lost my spirit along this year. With all the bad I have experienced some small victories I lost thirty more pounds this year, gained muscle and strength endurance, adopted a puppy, became an aunt, became closer to my boyfriend, and I have gained peace with the ability to truly meditate. I also committed myself to being a vegan this year fully I will always chose my health and well being over anything materialistic.

In light of my hardships this year I’m excited to say I graduate next year I have one semester left and I’m just elated on my progress, I am looking for my first real career big girl job. This year has been extremely tough but it also has allowed me to grow in my faith because if there was a doubt in my mind god or a higher power didn’t exist he has shown me this year through my tears and hard work what it means to value what you have. I haven’t reaped any benefits of the seeds I have planted this year but I’m hoping to snag a great job in my field of human services in the New Year. I have been in school full time I am attending college now in a dual Bachelors and Masters program with being finished my bachelors in May and my masters in December 2018 or January. I have worked damn hard for my degrees and I know my value with never having support or emphasis on attending college I pushed myself to better y education for it.  Two years ago when I graduated from the Community College I chose to not walk across the stage but this time I am that’s why I’m flying there.I’m already working on my plans or should I say vision board for 2018 which will be a great year I am claiming this! I love that I get share my thoughts with you all thank you for being a part of my life, blogging has been great!

Signing off

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