Things You Wish Your Parents Told You!

Things I wish my parents would have told me? What a good question why didn’t you prepare me for adulthood? True Adulthood sucks 80% of the time!

Can you think of a list that you believe your parents should have warned you or about or at least talked to you about them openly?

My list can go on forever but I think I can picture at least one of the most important things that I feel my mom should have warned me about: That sex isn’t always what It cracks up to be?

  • That buying groceries you need an accurate shopping list?
  • Budgeting is harder than it seems right yes it is!
  • That sex is designed for a man’s please at least 50% of the time !
  • Finding a real adult job is a job in itself.
  • When your heart gets broken you have to repair the pieces!
  • It’s hard to do your taxes each year! (Why do they take so much money from me!)

For every single question I have I second guessed my first thought but, it goes back to wondering why adulating isn’t a class in high school. I would so benefited from that class because it would of at least prepared me for what’s ahead. Life is unexpected and fun and it can be rewarding only when you least expect it! Can you share some of the things you wish you were told instead of being robbed of them when you reached adulthood!

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