Why Have a Blog?

Hello I’m Brittany I like to think that I am average but I am anything else but normal. I am an active vegan, sewing, recreation inventor, foodie guru, inspired cook with a beyond passionate heart about health and fitness young gal.  I am twenty five years old and I live in Baltimore, Md in the comfort of my home shared with my longtime boyfriend (in hopes of getting engaged soon) and our puppy Harlee who is six months old. I started this blog for my passion of all things listed with hopes to share my personal thoughts, insights and new found love for unordinary or forgotten treasures. I expect to give you a twist on all things Brittany with a few life hacks in between with real thoughts and I hope you enjoy this blog. Come here to laugh, enjoy, learn and become inspired!!

Xoxo Signing off


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Welcome to blogging 😉


    1. Thank you ! I look forward to hearing others thoughts and sharing all things !

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  2. Yoly says:

    Welcome Brittany


  3. We have a few things on common. I am a lifelong vegetarian, gym fanatic and dog lover!


    1. Oh wow !!! Yes I love my puppy !!! And vegan has consumed my life !!! Thank you !!!!!


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