Why Become Vegan?

Why Become Vegan?

My poor life habits caused my own personal weight gain, health scares, stress and all other indicators that can signal wrong things that could happen in one’s life. For me I love food and I love preparing food so it taste good but as I thought about it I wasn’t making the best food choices. I would find myself choosing mac and cheese with fried chicken topped with French fries smothered in cheese and for dessert an ice-cream Sunday. As a woman who then started dating I found that I had gained a significant amount of weight in years 2014-2015. In fact I had gained eighty five pounds. I took the first step of watching what I eat, joining a gym, counting calories, and trying to eat healthier without really knowing what in tails. Change began when I chose a salad over fried chicken paired with rice and when I decided to walk up the staircase to work instead of using the elevator.

My stepmother had practiced veganism for many years and I looked for her to guide me into making healthier choices for myself. Initially I had not thought about wanting to become vegan just vegetarian but as I watched many documentaries I quickly learned how meat affected the human race as people we were (carnivores). As humans meat affects the body in ways that doesn’t meet the eye and can cause health issues with joints and skin issues especially in the African American ethnicity. So I watched some documentaries on changing the way I ate during my binge session I watched the Super size me documentary explaining the effects on eating McDonald’s for a whole year. That changed my whole perspective in learning how to train what was good for my body vs. what isn’t good for my body I learned some things about myself.

  1. I didnt like as many vegetables as I should.
  2. I was clearly well over weight a whopping 285 pounds which is extremely heavy to be for a woman who is 5’7.
  3. I loveddddd Cheese!
  4. I lovedddddd pasta and everything else unhealthy!

Through this journey I have learned to trust myself completely, and I trained myself how ti eat filing foods that left my body un-starved. This process called conversion has transformed me to becoming nearly eighty pound lighter through hard work dedication, exercising four days a week and complete control of my body!!!

Love yourself first all things after should follow!

Xoxo signing off




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  1. Interesting post 😊 you don’t seem to have a like button for your posts


    1. Oh I️ don’t ? I’m still use to this how do I️ add one ?


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